How Mediumship Really Works

Oz psychic“If I were going to a medium,” more than one friend has told me, "I would wear different clothes. I'm going to take off all my jewelry, change my hair; I'll disguise myself somehow. I don't want the medium to have any clues about me."

"You can do that," I always say. "but it doesn't work like that.

"True mediumship isn't like the Wizard of Oz where the traveling magician digs through Dorothy's basket to learn more about her.”

So how does mediumship work?

I'll share a little about how it works for me, as the workings of this gift are as unique as the individual. And of course, a lot of it comes down to training, integrity, skill, and practice. Practice helps the medium hone his/her craft, while training and ethics help provide the greatest of details and heart-touching messages. This is when healing can take place—relief can come in to replace grief. Peace can enter the heart.

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