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These are books I've read and (mostly) loved. Many of these books led me on my awakening journey over some thirty years. There are many classics here along with some now, sadly forgotten and out-of-print, titles. (Many of these can be found at second-hand retailers or online at Abe, Ebay, and Paperbackswap.) I've linked titles to Amazon where you can look inside, read others' reviews, and purchase if desired. I am an Amazon Associate, which means, on rare occasions, receive a small kickback from them. (When this happens, it helps to supplement my huge reading habit.) Many of these books also provided some of the 600+ quotes in my Transformational Healing book. I hope you also find some gems among these beloved books and knowledgable authors. Happy browsing!

Third Millennium

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Title:      Third Millennium
Categories:      Spirituality
BookID:      53
Authors:      Ken Carey
ISBN-10(13):      978-0062514080
Publication date:      1996
Edition:      HarperSanFrancisco
Number of pages:      202
Language:      English
Star Rating:      0 
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Description:      Published in 1996, I occasionally will pull this book off the shelf and re-read portions, which accurately predicts today's online environment and world culture. I keep reminding myself of how I read these words before they were true and re-read to refresh myself as to what it all means and why it's important.
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