“I know you have your doubts.
You have been through something
that no one should ever go through.
You’re going to be okay.”
Dr. Daniel Jackson to Col. O’Neill,
Stargate SG1, “The Abyss”

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What Clients Say About Coaching

TraciBissonette"Jamie has this ability to reach right down into your soul and ask you that one specific question that changes everything. Her healing energy is profound. It is natural and filled with love. Her technique has helped me shed off years of old fears and has allowed me to move forward in my life. I found myself having many ah-ha moments that brought me closer to myself. I am filled with deep gratitude for Jamie's gift!” Traci Bissonette, Owner Montage Hair Design



TandyElisala2"Jamie is an extremely gifted intuitive. During a time when I needed to hear from my mom (who passed away in 2012), Jamie gave me a session and shared specific information about our relationship that only we knew. Jamie really digs deep, connects to spirit in a powerful way and provides timely and accurate information that you can use today. Jamie shared insights with me that helped shift my thinking around my life and business. She is a gentle soul and I am so honored to be connected with such a gifted person. I'm glad I have Jamie to call on when I need her. I give her my highest recommendation!" Tandy Elisala, Career & Life Transitions Expert, Certified Success Coach, and bestselling author. www.tandyelisala.com


Look Back to Leap Forward

For many years, I've seen the power in my own life of looking back to my ancestors as a means to find answers to my current life challenges. The people who came before us and created the path for us to be born, are filled with amazing stories of resilience, perseverance, and often, hardship and strife. While we instinctively know that we glean things from our historic past both genetically and experientially, we may have disregarded the remarkable potential within us because of their life's history.

While I have shared these methods with friends for years, up until now, I haven't offered these sessions to the general public. These sessions are different from anything I've offered in the past. I am making them available in several different formats including the following:

Private sessions: One-on-one with Jamie in a discrete and private format.

Public sessions: One-on-one with Jamie recorded privately. A portion will be shared in part on her forthcoming video classes and public media so that others may benefit from insights. (Extremely sensitive material will be removed at Jamie's discretion.) Participants will sign an agreement acknowledging public use.

Group sessions: Six-on-one with Jamie, recorded as a group. Participants will be put on a waiting list until a minimum of six participants become available for the given time. Email Jamie if you'd like to be placed on a waiting list.

Party sessions: Similar to group sessions. Contact Jamie for details. A maximum of six participants per party.

*All sessions will be recorded* (via Zoom or Skype) so you will have a recording of your session.

*If you have a sizable list, contact us to learn about joint ventures, affiliates, and other opportunities. 

*In the event of technical difficulties, recordings may not be available. It's always a good idea to take a few notes, just in case. 


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PatMatson"When you experience a session with Jamie, it’s best not to enter into it with any preconception of what’s going to happen. Jamie relies on inspiration to add the spiritual level of understanding to hook the stories you’ve told her together. Net result? Greater insight and understanding for your life’s unfoldment. It’s as normal as a conversation and as magical as a fantasy." ~ Pat Matson, The Coaches Copywriter


DeniseMichaels"Jamie's insight and intuition means she has the incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and come up with workable, practical solutions. I was struggling with a thorny personal issue and within just one hour Jamie helped me feel lighter, happier, and I knew the clear path to resolve the issue. Easy as pie! If you need help sorting out some of the challenges you face — not just a person to vent to — but someone who will help you arrive at real, workable solutions, contact her today! Thanks, Jamie." Denise Michaels, Las Vegas, NV. www.denisemichaels.com


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JoyPhillips circle"My session with Jamie felt like a FASCINATING journey... She provided me with great insight as to how to move forward in the healing process, and how to "lighten my load." I seriously had one "Aha" moment after another! After... I felt totally empowered to take action in finding the balance needed to heal certain areas of my life." I highly recommend working with Jamie!" ~ Joy Phillips, Once Upon an Archetype


LeeAnnPutnamJamie does something that is very wonderful. When I started talking with her I felt like I was stuck in a dark forest and did not know which way to turn. Jamie very calmly started asking me questions and making some great connections based on what I was telling her. She took me through the bushes and brambles and lead me into the light. I am now moving forward in the direction that is right for me. Thanks, Jamie, You Rock! ~ LeeAnn Putnam


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  from your body from your faith from your childhood from your ancestry

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