(The following was originally posted on my Carepages blog for family and friends during my treatment.)

Jamie's hair cutIn all likelihood, within 3 or 4 weeks, I will lose some or all of my hair. Having not cared much about how it looked this past couple of weeks, I decided to manage the whole situation by cutting it really short. I decided to first see if I had enough for Locks of Love (I did), so the gal cut those first. (I'm told that Pantene provides the wigs for free, so will send it there.) I feel like, well, I may lose my hair, but someone else will gain some. Jamie's hair cut 2

Mark agreed to accompany me and to take photos. He took photos and kept my spirits up. Then I walked right over to the make-up girl (I was in Ulta) and said, my eyes need help. So she fixed me up and I bought all new eye makeup too. (I figure if I make my eyes up good enough, no one will notice my hair. Ha ha ha) I got something that looks like a giant chocolate bar and all the eye colors are named after chocolates. Then she recommended some mascara. I told her I never wore it because it was always so clumpy, my eyes wouldn't open. She said, "Try this!" Oh. My. God. I think it's called "better than sex" and it's awesome. (Hey, it's a girl thing.) So I got that too. I may lose my hair, feel like crap, but my eyes will look better than sex. LoL

The past two days Tim and I did a lot of nothing. We have both been so exhausted. He ran and got me Chinese food last night because that sounded good and then also came in with a bag of 12-grain, Tim Horton bagels (my favorite). Today we finally had my birthday dinner with the boys (I couldn't eat on my actual day). We picked up Italian from one of our favorite restaurants.

Tomorrow I see my MD for the first time since my diagnosis. He's a family friend, so that may be a little emotional. Then have to go to chemo school, apparently. Tuesday is my first chemo. . .

I so appreciate all of your messages. They mean a lot to me. I read and cherish each response. It helps to cheer me up - something I'll need a lot of in coming weeks. So thanks! and Hugs!