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“I know you have your doubts.
You have been through something
that no one should ever go through.
You’re going to be okay.”
Dr. Daniel Jackson to Col. O’Neill,
Stargate SG1, “The Abyss”

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What Clients Say About Coaching

TraciBissonette"Jamie has this ability to reach right down into your soul and ask you that one specific question that changes everything. Her healing energy is profound. It is natural and filled with love. Her technique has helped me shed off years of old fears and has allowed me to move forward in my life. I found myself having many ah-ha moments that brought me closer to myself. I am filled with deep gratitude for Jamie's gift!” ~ Traci Bissonette, Owner Montage Hair Design


AnitaPizycki"Jamie offers guidance regarding your current life challenges and brings gifts to your awareness that you received from your ancestors to help overcome them. To do this, she uses a card deck she designed over the past twenty-some years along with a mix of intuition and mediumship. She then attempts to bring in at least one of those ancestors to offer clarity about the next steps to available to you. I highly recommend the session as it really validated so much of what I already knew—that to fulfill what I was to do this lifetime I had to move out of the spiritual closet and use my gifts. And only when I use those gifts will the real happiness and satisfaction come—oh yeah, and so will the money! It's not just the information I got from the reading, but the feeling that came with the information from my mom that had me in tears and goosebumps. It was so powerful that I can no longer ignore doing this as I could feel what was available to me both from the other side and in my own life if I stop building limiting walls around my own dreams." ~ Anita Pizycki


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What to Expect from Your Sessions

Jamie Saloff

Author/Healer Garners Rave Reviews

When first-time clients call in for a phone reading with author, healer, and evidential medium Jamie L. Saloff, they don't always know what to expect. "Naturally, most callers are a bit nervous," says Saloff. "But nearly all agree that once the conversation gets started, they immediately feel comfortable and allow themselves to relax as the Divine spirit begins to flow." 

"Jamie does something that is very wonderful," says business owner LeeAnn Putnam. "When I started talking with her I felt like I was stuck in a dark forest and didn't know which way to turn. Jamie very calmly started asking me questions and making some great connections based on what I was telling her. She took me through the bushes and brambles and led me into the light. I am now moving forward in the direction that is right for me."

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Phone Session Call Disclaimer & Information

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking time to stop by my website, read my blogs, buy my books, and/or schedule a call with me. In everything that I do, my number one intention is to help others transform their lives for the better. If you have scheduled a call, I look forward to speaking with you. I enjoy the adventure of each new caller and the unique gifts you bring to our meeting. May you be blessed by this meeting as well. Of course, there is always the fine print and legalese: 

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  from your body from your faith from your childhood from your ancestry

The Body Messenger Method™ series of books now available are:
Marvelous Messages from Your Body,
Marvelous Messages from Your Faith, and 
Marvelous Messages from Your Childhood.
Coming soon: Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry.
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