RIP and Sacred Space Jewelry

When I have free time—as infrequent as that is—I enjoy making jewelry using found objects.

Occasionally make RIP jewelry by adding a photo of a loved one and symbols that are meaningful to that person. I also like making sacred space jewelry, I'll explain that in a moment. 

Below I've posted a few examples. All of the RIP jewelry I have handed off as gifts. Maybe I will make some for sale in the future. I mostly gift all of the Sacred Space jewelry as well, but, on rare occasions, I have one or two to sell. 






I created this "Mother" RIP necklace and/or pin for
my cousin several years ago.

 Anns Necklace web




I created this multi-tiered necklace in honor of my sister.
I never met Ann, as she passed before my birth.
When I wear this, I feel like she is close to me.
Her photo is behind the door on the lower locket piece. 

 Anns Necklace web




Because. . . 

Not all of us feel as if we are from Earth. 

Gifted to a friend.  

The Sacred Space Necklace Story

Since I was little I loved sequins, beads, crystals, and sparkly things. Luckily, my mother had a lot of those things around. She not only made all her own clothes (and most of mine), but she had a home-based business creating dolls for the Christmas tree. She sold through mail order as well as to Marshall Fields and Frederick Nelson. Thus, from the age of three, Mom let me help by gluing small parts and sewing on sequins.

I grew up. My mother retired. Although I played around with a variety of crafts, writing became my calling. However, I never lost my love of sparkly things and continued collecting and creating special things with beads, gemstones, and crystals.

I decided to go back to school. I’d been writing books about healing and self-improvement. I wanted to add to my knowledge and credentials. I learned a lot at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, and there was an unexpected side effect. One of our instructors, Sig Longren, taught about sacred spaces. I noticed he always carried a small leather sack containing symbols of the four directions­—wind, earth, fire, and water. Whenever we would practice creating a sacred space, he would pull it from his pocket.

I thought about this little bundle and wanted to create something like it for myself, but due to my already stuffed purse, I decided to create something I could wear instead of carry. The result was a gemstone donut with a flurry of fiber and dangles representing six directions—heaven above, the molten earth’s core, fire, water, wind, and earth (or if you prefer, the five elements, metal, wood, fire, air, water earth). I hung a Tibetan tektite as a centerpiece, a stone said to be meteorite fallen from the heavens into the mountains of Tibet. Entwined among the ribbon and fluffy threads are balls of lava, gemstones, shells, feathers, bells, charms of fish and birds, and other found-object trinkets.

Since it's wearable, most Sacred Space necklaces come apart via a peg that slips through the donut's hole. The wearer can remove the dangly part to place on a table or out in the wild to enhance their space.

As I create these Sacred Space necklaces, an inner knowing comes over me, compelling me, even nagging me, to add certain pieces as if it itself knows just what is needed for its eventual wearer. When I honor that calling, I am honoring the creative muse in my heart, and in turn, my mother who instilled that in me and my father, who also worked with his hands. It honors the person who receives this sacred item. It honors Spirit with its bits of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I love how my mind becomes quiet and focused on the task at hand, how time seems to stand still, and how from nothing but bits of earth and sky, water and fire, a gift of love emerges. When complete, each necklace is loving prayed for and instilled with the vibration of love, peace, protection, guidance, and wisdom.

The Magic of the Sacred Space Necklace 

The amazing thing about these necklaces is how they flow when worn. The dangling objects seem precariously connected to the fibers, yet with each movement of the wearer, the objects shift and change. Some objects temporarily hide only to appear at seemingly the most appropriate time. What the wearer sees looking down on the necklace is different from what those see looking straight on. 

When I made my first, I thought it would be excruciatingly delicate, and yet, mine has been through so much and hardly looks worn. (Note, keep away from babies as they love to grab things and there are certainly small items you don't want them putting in their mouth.) 

I keep mine in a snack-size zip bag. I've traveled with it, worn in excessively, and it keeps on going. 

One friend who received a made-to-order Sacred Space necklace felt the energy it emitted was so powerful, that she decided not to wear it. Several of my recipients have chosen instead to hang them on the wall.






Blue Dragonfly:

Gifted to a friend.

 SacredSpace blue



Dark blue and silver.

Gifted to a friend.

 IMG 5287




Earth tones and bells. 


Sacred Space necklace 




Deep Blue Sea.

Includes: amber, natural stone, wood and copper
elements. Butterfly charm, feather, coral. and
glass beads. Fish charm, shell, seahorse.
"Meteorite," lava, silver elements.

For sale. $175.00.
Contact to purchase or for more info.

Sacred Space necklace 




Love is in the Air.

Hard to see, the tiny hearts in the fibers.
Includes: amber, natural stone, and wood
elements. Butterfly charm, feather, star.
Bird & heart, angel wing. Coral, 
heart & pearl. "Meteorite," lava.

For sale. $175.00.
Contact to purchase or for more info.





Necklaces come in a clear-sided box
with an info sheet containing the
Sacred Space necklace story.