MMbook WomanJamie L. Saloff

Author, Healer, Lily Dale Trained Spiritual Counselor

I teach people how to live happier, more successful lives by listening to the messages of their body, following their intuition, and fulfilling the desires of their heart.

I offer guidance regarding your current life challenges and bring to your awareness the ancestral gifts you carry to overcome them.  

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MMbook WomanNew Series:

The Body Messenger Method™ series of books are coming!

The first three Marvelous Messages books are now available.

- Marvelous Messages from Your Body
Marvelous Messages from Your Faith
Marvelous Messages from Your Childhood

Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry, along with its companion card deck, is expected later this year. Look for them along with other books in the series including books on following your heart, spirit/intuition, money/abundance, going with the flow, fear, beliefs, aging, and weight.  

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MMbook WomanThe CARDS are coming:

The Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry
Card Deck Beta Preview will be available soon!

Watch this space for your opportunity to test out the Ancestry cards and see the Marvelous Messages they can bring you from your loved ones and others in your bloodline.  

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TransHealingBookGirl.smNow Available:

Fully revised, Deluxe Edition Transformational Healing takes you on a spiritually awakening journey to discover how your physical body uses aches, pains, injury, and disease as a means to facilitate necessary life changes vital for living a healthier, happier, purposeful life.

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MarvMsgs BoyBook sm newNext Online Workshop: TBA

Our ancestors had amazing stories of resilience, perseverance, and often, hardship and strife. While we instinctively know that we glean things from our historic past both genetically and experientially, we may have disregarded the remarkable potential within us because of their life's history.

In this workshop you will discover the unexpected gifts you received from your ancestors and how to use the Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry card deck.


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