In September, I did a whirlwind book tour with the help and much hand-holding from Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book. You can see a summary of all my stops on her site, or browse below if you're looking for specialized new reads.

My first stop was with the Pump Up Your Book Virtual Library. Here you'll find book excerpts and quick links to many books along the sidebars for quick browsing to find something you like.

My next stop was with The Writer's Life. This site also features some great tips for authors (and would-be authors). If you like those mini-movie book videos offering a more visual feel for your next read, you'll find many of those here. On this site, I answer the question, "What's one fact about your book that would surprise readers?" (Answer on the Writer's Life.)

Hooked from Page One is just that--the first page from your next great read. Browse the site, then hop to your favorite online bookstore to purchase.

One of my favorite stops in week one was As The Page Turns. This site asks cute trivia questions of authors about their books and characters, such as, "In the movie, Castaway, how would your book help Chuck (Tom Hanks) get off the island?" Some authors answer these from their own perspective, while others from the mouths of their book's main character. My favorite question was the last as I could answer from a dream that I had. (Visit the site to see what I said.)

Week two had some really fun stops. I visited Confessions of an Eccentric Bookaholic where I'd been asked to confess not one, not two, but ten things! I had to think hard about what to reveal—after all, it's the Internet and might be there forever! Check out what some of your other favorite authors have revealed as well!

I am immensely grateful to Dear Reader, Lover Author. My author letter got waylaid and I didn't notice it until the 12th hour before it was to be launched. This compassionate site owner went above and beyond to post my missive to readers and to ensure it would be there at the prescribed time. If you ever wanted to sit down with your favorite author and have them talk to you about their book, this is a site you absolutely must visit.

On The Story Behind the Book I've written about my writer's journey, the steps I took to get from dreaming of one day being a writer, to actually getting serious about the craft and business of writing. Other authors do the same. Check it out!

Another stop on my trip landed me at Word Magic. Fiona is an author helping other authors by sharing great books, excerpts, and more.

Mid-month, I had a stopover and fun interview at The Literary Nook where I answered more fun questions and offered more self-revelations! The Literary Nook interviews authors and characters of every sort. Stop by here to learn three secret facts about myself.

Literary Speaking offered one of the best interviews I've had in a while. It's always fun to answer unique questions no one has asked before. I delve deeply into my beliefs about our ancestral heritage and how it can play an important role in shaping the future we desire. Stop by and explore the site. They have some great categories, "a day in the life," "reviews," "five things you should know," and more.

As I made the turn toward the end of the month, I had a stopover at My Bookish Pleasures. Here I offered my top five tips to other wanna-be writers including my best tips for designing your book cover to how to market your wares.

My Book Launch blog site offers readers insights into new books just coming on the scene. Read a few excerpts and check out info about their authors.

If you'd like to know more about my writer's journey, stop over to Straight From the Author's Mouth. Another great site for learning more about the people behind the words and the books you love to read.
I'm Shelf-ish blogger writes "I have been an avid reader my whole life and found that blogging about authors and the books I read has revealed a whole community of people just like me...crazy for books! Stop in to see what she means.
Ready for still more books? Check out Nuttin But Books. You'll find pages filled with just that, books and books and books!
I always appreciate an interviewer who can ask questions outside of the norm, questions that reveal more about the person behind the book. Book Blogging Princess does just that. My favorite question here was what I'd do with an extra 4 hours, though she also asked about my favorite place to write. (Curious? Visit the site to see how I answered.)
Book Cover Junkie reviews and discusses book covers. Although we are always told, don't judge a book by its cover . . . we always do!! This site delves into what went into the thought process of a cover. Check out my thoughts onsite.
FUONLYKNEW is a book highlight sight. Just books and books and books and more books!
Last, but not least, was Faerie Highlight and Review