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MMbook WomanJamie L. Saloff

Lily Dale Trained Spiritual Counselor

Listen to your body.
Tap into your internal guidance.
Follow your heart.

Jamie L. Saloff is passionate about aiding fiercely independent, misfit, square pegs trapped in an unfulfilling life. Author, teacher, story weaver, spiritual counselor, seer of visions, pathfinder, for over thirty years Jamie’s taught how to reignite your heart by listening to your body groan and your soul weep. She is the author of twelve books including her Marvelous Messages™ series.


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Hatch book coverJamie is Hatch(ing) a New Release:

If you could, how would you change your life? 

Even if you are a positive-thinking, go-with-the-flow, fiercely-independent person, a twist of fate can turn your life upside down in a moment.

Whether loss of employment, financial hardship, accident, illness, or even death of a loved one, the maze of life can leave you stranded in a situation you didn’t personally create.

Nonetheless, you may feel a deep yearning for something more, a happier, more fulfilling life that permeates your being and awakens your soul's destiny. This calling of your heart may appear illogical or impossible, and yet it persists, despite your efforts to silence it.

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MMbook WomanThe Marvelous Messages Books:

The first three Marvelous Messages™ books are now available.

- Marvelous Messages from Your Body
Marvelous Messages from Your Faith
Marvelous Messages from Your Childhood

Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry, along with its companion card deck, is expected later this year. Look for them along with other books in the series including books on following your heart, spirit/intuition, money/abundance, going with the flow, fear, beliefs, aging, and weight and more!  

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