You've been working long hours in an understaffed, underpaid environment. You're reliable and hardworking. More than anything, you'd like a little recognition for the work you do. A raise in pay wouldn't hurt either. But then, the boss announces a cut in staff—luckily it's not you—and he states that no pay raises will be offered this term to cut costs.

I have a favorite prayer for situations just like this. . .

(Address the Divine in whatever way is right for you and say. . . )

"Lord God of Heaven and Earth,
make a way where there is no way."

You can leave this prayer open-ended, watching and waiting for a change in your situation—as this small phrase opens your mind to the simple belief there is, indeed, a way to resolve your issue that you cannot conceive.

Or. . . 

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You can also choose to clarify the prayer by adding a few specifics and asking God to make a way where:

". . . I can receive more money,"

". . . I receive recognition for the work I do,"

or for a means that

". . . I haven't yet seen. . . "

 (such as a promotion, a job change, or a new, creative endeavor)— again, opening your mind to new possibilities and means to receive that which you desire.

Keep in mind it's always best to let God define the solution. Your job is to express the problem.

I have found this works in many situations and have used it countless times with amazing results. I've seen ogre bosses suddenly leave for parts unknown and other life situations take an unexpected turn for the better.

However, there are times when this prayer can't remedy a situation, such as when someone has died (this prayer can't bring them back) or a tragedy has struck (a tornado has ripped through your town—it's not going to magically reverse itself like in a fairy tale movie). At times like those, I pray.Heart2 DP 606824862 DS

"Lord God of Heaven and Earth,
help me see the goodness and
possibilities that I can't see."

When tragedy strikes and we are in the moment, we can't always see the meaning or the 'big-picture outcome of what's just happened. I didn't know losing a father would mean meeting my stepfather. I didn't know having cancer would lead to my writing books to help others.

There are countless tragedies that have occurred throughout the history of the world that brought a person or people to their lowest point, only to rise again to new heights, new possibilities, better-than-they-ever-dreamed-it-could-be places in life, often creating a means to help others who suffered a similar fate.

I once wrote in my diary that my world had crumbled like a fallen house of bricks. Looking at the rubble of my life, I couldn't see where to go next or what I could do to change my situation. But as I wrote,

". . . from the ashes I pulled one useable brick. . ."

I knew what one step I could take—what I could do on that first day.

I didn't know what I would do the next day or the day after that, but it gave me the ability to take one step forward. Thus the prayer. . .

"Dear God of Heaven and Earth,
thank you for guiding me through today. . ."

can get us through each day, one day at a time, even when one day seems the hardest of days to face and can also be the prayer of gratitude at the end of a long, tiring day.

I hope you will try these prayers and let me know how they work out for you. I love hearing how faith turned a situation around.