With three days' notice, we packed our suitcases, hopped into the car, and headed off from northern Pennsylvania to Tampa/St. Pete. Being the kind of person who normally takes three weeks to gather everything for an extensive trip, packing in a hurried fit felt a bit unnerving. The clock and calendar did not give way, so I got through it.

My life since hubby's unexpected retirement (due to the sale of his employer’s company) has been a series of such events—most unplanned and few for fun. (As I’ve mentioned before, we decided to deaccession our extensive, 44-year collection of 20th-century antiques and fine arts.) This has been a massive, heavy-lifting, time-consuming job.

Did I mention, I've also taken on several clients, am helping my son manage his spinal surgery recovery, am the treasurer of our cottage organization, and offered to help with the rewriting of their bylaws? Oh, and I maintain the event website for a local writer's conference. (Does this sound busy? Yes, I am!)

However, as the nurturer of “Hatch your best life” initiates, I find it vitally important to etch out space for my heart’s dreams and calling. I know from experience that ignoring these cries or pushing them aside can cause the human body to balk and groan. So how do I do it with so many other things absorbing my time?

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I’m ever so grateful for the game of golf! When hubby leaves to chase the little white ball, typically two evenings a week, I stop whatever I can and utilize that time for me. Sometimes I’m really tired and my progress is low to nil. Sometimes hubby decides not to go (rain, back issues, or in winter—snow). But if he does, I count those times as mine. I hold them precious and dear and rarely give way to something else. Other times, when golf can't provide my escape, I seek out whatever little moments I can find. If I have an extra twenty minutes where I can steal away, I do. I don't get them every day, and I have to accept the no-gos as much as the ready-set-gos.

What am I creating? I want to share with you my vision. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to share which portions sound most intriguing to you. I’d love to know YOUR dreams and life visions too! Let’s support each other!

In the coming year, here’s my working plan:

  • I’m creating a free downloadable booklet called Hatch-ette. (Get it? It's the "mini" version of Hatch!) This booklet will offer quick tips to Hatch your best life along with a 100-point challenge for readers to undertake to get started. Those who complete the challenge will have a yet-to-be-decided reward, potentially access to a private group or entry into a drawing for a free reading. I haven’t decided yet. What sounds like a great reward to you? My hope is that this booklet will help introduce new readers to my work.

  • Next, I need to flesh out my website. I want to create a flow chart so readers know where they stand in their hatching process and what steps they should take next. As part of this, I want to re-introduce private sessions, including the chat-only versions I feel will offer readers a quick opportunity to touch base and seek guidance.

  • The next phase will be to create a group forum. I’ve wanted to build a community where hatching individuals can safely speak of their dreams without being laughed at or ridiculed, even if their first steps forward include a few fumbles or missteps.Sherpas DP 63543119

  • Something I’ve had on the back burner for some time is my incubator program. It will be a one-on-one program where i can offer guidance and encouragement to participants on a case-by-case basis. I plan to offer this at 3 levels, the top being a year-long, week-by-week, process.

  • My other back burner project is my ancestry card deck, book, and process. Just when I was on my way to finishing that, I took a sharp left turn and it had to wait. But it is coming, and it will open your eyes in tremendous ways. If you’ve had an ancestry session with me, this is the self-led program.

  • After that, I would like to create a self-led video program. This would allow those who are unable to deep dive into the incubator program to work on their own at their own pace.

  • Of course, I have many more little Marvelous Messages books planned in that series including, Heart, Soul, Beliefs, Fear, Weight, Death, Finances, and Flow. (Which one should I work on next?)

Meanwhile, I’m writing this from an early morning hotel room, 1/2 way back from delivering 70 collectible watches to an auctioneer in St. Pete. Like many of you, that has put my projects at a full stop. But that’s okay. Life is like that. And even by writing this missive, I’m letting myself know, it’s not a no-go, just a minor delay.

Where are you in your hatching process? Let me know.