Jamie Saloff

Author/Healer Garners Rave Reviews

When first-time clients call in for a phone reading with author, healer, and evidential medium Jamie L. Saloff, they don't always know what to expect. "Naturally, most callers are a bit nervous," says Saloff. "But nearly all agree that once the conversation gets started, they immediately feel comfortable and allow themselves to relax as the Divine spirit begins to flow." 

"Jamie does something that is very wonderful," says business owner LeeAnn Putnam. "When I started talking with her I felt like I was stuck in a dark forest and didn't know which way to turn. Jamie very calmly started asking me questions and making some great connections based on what I was telling her. She took me through the bushes and brambles and led me into the light. I am now moving forward in the direction that is right for me."

"That's a typical response," says Saloff. "Clients are unsure of where I am going to take them on this journey. They are often stuck in a life transition and are looking for help to break through whatever is holding them back. I like to make it feel like we're just two people sitting down for coffee and conversation. My clients appreciate that."

Saloff had been doing impromptu readings for years but didn't turn professional until after 2008. "My friends would always call me and say, 'What do you think about…?' Many of them would tell me later how my insights came true or how they helped them get through a difficult life situation. They often remember predictions I told them years ago, long after I've forgotten all about them." 

After writing her book on healing, which details Saloff's cancer experience, road to recovery, and methods of healing that transformed her own life, Saloff felt drawn to learn more. "Like many of people I've met in this field," says Saloff, "I wasn't really sure why I was being led to take all the training that I did, even when I committed to Fellowships' multi-year intensive program. I just knew I felt deeply compelled to do it. Of course, now, I'm glad I did. I've had the opportunity to learn from so many gifted people, which has not only enhanced my abilities but allowed me to expand my gifts and use them in ways I never expected." 

Saloff has trained with psychic mediums and healers from all over the world including Elaine Thomas, Tom Cratsley, Gregory Kehn, Shirley Caulkins Smith, Bill Coller, Lisa Williams, and Sharon Anne Klingler; as well as Energy Medicine experts Donna Eden and David Feinstein. She's a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophesy in Lily Dale, NY, a nineteenth-century, gated community many saw in HBO's documentary "No One Dies in Lily Dale." The spiritualist community founded in 1879 has been opening its gates to thousands of visitors annually for over a century. In season, visitors gather daily for message services at the Inspiration Stump and Forest Temple or visit with a resident medium for private sessions.


"Lily Dale is a magical place. I often think of the movie Brigadoon when I go there," says Saloff. "I had my first reading ever in the Dale. I remember the woman telling me I could be very successful as a Lily Dale resident medium, but, at least for now, I'm happy to work via phone from my home." (Saloff resides in northwestern Pennsylvania with her husband of over thirty-five years and their beloved cat. She has two grown sons.) "I love being on the grounds of Lily Dale. I travel there any chance I get, but where I live is just as beautiful and very peaceful. I feel that lends to the power of the gifts I have been given." 

"When you experience a session with Jamie, it’s best not to enter into it with any preconception of what’s going to happen," warns Pat Matson, The Coaches Copywriter. "Jamie relies on inspiration to add a psychic level of understanding to hook the stories you’ve told her together. Net result? Greater insight and understanding of your life’s unfoldment. It’s as normal as a conversation and as magical as a fantasy. During our session, she was able to make connections between two troublesome areas that I’ve been trying to heal for many years. When Jamie does a reading for you, be prepared to glean some keen enlightenment into your life."

"Clients are definitely surprised by how I link everything together," says Saloff. "During a session, I'm pulling from all walks of my life, from writing to healing to arts and crafts. The author in me listens to the words clients use, the artist in me makes symbolic connections from what their physical symptoms portray. I allow the Divine to guide me through the reading; somehow it all comes together in a profound way. It's beyond my own understanding at times, and yet, it's fantastically wonderful. The best part of my day is when a client has a major life ah-ha moment that I know will help them move forward quickly."

"Jamie has this ability to reach right down into your soul and ask you that one specific question that changes everything," offers Traci Bissonette, the owner of the Montage Hair salon in Williamsville, NY." Her reading technique has helped me shed off years of old fears and has allowed me to move forward in my life."

"Jamie is an amazing coach! Her insight and intuition means she has the incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly," agrees Denise Michaels, who is the head of the International Book Writing Guild in Las Vegas, NV. "I was struggling with a thorny personal issue and within just one hour Jamie helped me feel lighter, happier and I knew the clear path to resolve the issue."

Past clients have made some significant life shifts, according to her website at www.MarvelousMessages.com, including finding and marrying the love of their life, buying their dream house, quitting their day job to start a home-based business; writing a book; or obtaining greater wellness. Saloff says, "It's as if an invisible wall has been holding them back from all that they desire, and suddenly the doors open wide and life starts flowing for them. Honestly, I don't do anything that specifically causes these shifts to happen—after all, we are only having a conversation—they do the real work themselves. It's as if they already had the lock and the key but just needed a flashlight to illuminate the lock so they could insert the key. I serve as that light."Jamie-Grad-JocastaNu-sm

"Without a doubt, my conversation with Jamie was one of the more introspective, insightful, and thought-provoking conversations I've had in some time," explains Michele Welch, a life coach. "Many ah-ha moments for sure. I felt as if I were hanging on to every word she said, especially as we began to make the connection between my parents' struggles and how that translated into my life now. I left my session feeling more at ease, and feeling confident that I can resolve any issues resulting in my physical ailments," says Welch. "She's the real deal and truly a gift." 

"The healing arts are amazing to me," says Saloff. "I speak with clients who may have suffered from an ailment for years. We have our conversation, we talk about some of the life connections. Some say their symptoms disappear while we are on the phone and that's pretty amazing. I call that the 'perception connection.' If I can alter a client's perception, something's bound to shift in their life, and that kind of shift can happen instantly. Of course, not everyone is able to get that kind of instant gratification, but most leave the session with a new awareness of what they can do to improve their lives, physically, emotionally, or spiritually."

"My session with Jamie felt like a FASCINATING journey through my body and my issues with chronic pain," claims Joy Phillips. "She provided me with great insight as to how to move forward in the healing process, and how to 'lighten my load.'  I seriously had one 'Ah-ha' moment after another! After our session ended, I sat quietly contemplating what had been revealed to me through Jamie, and I felt totally empowered to take action in finding the balance needed to heal certain areas of my life."

"I am grateful to Jamie for her intuitive listening skills and her ability to help me to understand how my body is telling where to focus attention in my life's journey," offers Carolyn Hilsdon Giles, who is a trainer through one of the state's universities. "Her guidance as a medium brought phenomenal comfort to me. I applaud Jamie’s skills and appreciate the knowledge, compassion, and excitement she brings to each session. She is a helper, a healer, and a conduit of messages."

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"It's definitely gratifying work," says Saloff. "Of course, I can't really take all the credit for it. The client and I show up, but the real work happens when we allow the Divine spirit to flow through our lives. This invisible power touches our hearts and minds and creates a space where these miracles can happen."

She was wonderful!" MaryJo McCann, who is a virtual assistant, had a session with Jamie earlier this year. "I highly recommend Jamie's sessions. I thought it was incredible. She gave me much food for thought on both a personal and professional level. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about our conversation."

"I was touched deeply by the time I spent with Jamie," says author Barbara Mountjoy, who writes as Lyndi Alexander and Alana Lorens. "Her analysis showed me strengths I didn't even know I had ... it was an amazing experience. I'm so very grateful I had these sessions!"

To learn more about Saloff and her reading sessions, visit her on the web at www.MarvelousMessages.com or at www.Facebook.com/JamieSaloff. Saloff is the author of seven books including Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide and the Marvelous Messages series. You can follow her on Twitter @JamieSaloff.