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If you could, how would you change your life?

Even if you are a positive-thinking, go-with-the-flow, fiercely-independent person, a twist of fate can turn your life upside down in a moment.

Whether loss of employment, financial hardship, accident, illness, or even death of a loved one, the maze of life can leave you stranded in a situation you didn’t personally create.

Nonetheless, you may feel a deep yearning for something more, a happier, more fulfilling life that permeates your being and awakens your soul's destiny. This calling of your heart may appear illogical or impossible, and yet, it persists, despite your efforts to silence it.

This book was written to share how to answer that call by recognizing and acting upon the internally generated, guiding messages sent from within your physical and spiritual body-mind.

By thirty-something, bearing the brunt of illness, grief, trauma, and tragedy, Jamie sought to escape fate's traps. Having lost thirteen significant relatives, overcome cancer, birthed a pre-mature child, and survived two near death experiences, she quickly realized no one-size-magic-wand fix could ever deliver the life-changing results she desperately needed.

With Divine guidance, she developed a method to recreate her life. She began by listening to her body groan and her soul weep, and she used those intuitive messages to dramatically transform her life, one step forward at a time. Soon, friends, relatives, and clients flocked to Jamie, asking for her help so they too could create a happier, more fulfilling life.

In Hatch — A Change Your Life Guide, Jamie shares her story and teaches you the necessary steps to tap into your divine destiny and access the guidance you need to achieve your highest and best life. In Hatch, you’ll learn the method she's honed over thirty years to:

• Awaken your soul’s purpose by listening to your heart’s voice
• Find confidence in your next step forward by hearing your body speak
• See messages of guidance everywhere by learning how and where to look
• Uncover your future in your past by examining your ancestral heritage
• And much, much more. . .

Are you ready to Hatch a life worth loving?

Jamie Linn Saloff is passionate about aiding fiercely independent, misfit, square pegs trapped in an unfulfilling life. Author, teacher, story weaver, spiritual counselor, seer of visions, pathfinder, she teaches how to reignite your heart by listening to your body groan and your soul weep. She is the author of twelve books including her Marvelous Messages™ series.

Walk forward bravely using your body’s inner intelligence as a guide.
Access your peak potential. Regenerate your life.

 "Don't let the seemingly simple exercises and easy-to-implement programs fool you. This book is packed with power! Saloff's uncomplicated approach, backed by her own experience, shows you how self-healing can be mastered by anyone." Dr. Nell M. Rodgers, DC, MN, author of Puppet or Puppeteer; You Hold the Key to the Life You Really Want 

Grab your copy of Hatch: A Change Your Life Guide today.


“It’s a simple question 'Do you wish you could change your life for the better' while the answer is an easy one — do you have any idea of how to accomplish the task? 'Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide' gives you a systematic process that will take you on a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. . . . I highly recommend this wonderful and enlightening book” ~ Yolanda Renee 


Originally published as Transformational Healing, 
this new edition has been totally revised, updated, and expanded. 



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