MM Front Med Shadow 2019

Marvelous Messages from Your Faith:

A Simple and Effective Method to Manifest Your Desires and Receive More Answers to Your Prayers

When we’re faced with difficult life situations—especially when we’re feeling helpless—prayer is often our go-to tool for guidance, assistance, and hope. But if your prayers seem to go unanswered, or if you sometimes wonder if anyone hears your prayers at all, this little book may be for you.

Most of us have never been taught how to pray other than, perhaps, having learned ancient, rote words to recite. We’ve never been shown how to frame a request so as to untie God’s hands and free the heavenly hosts to assist us in our times of need.

A champion of prayer since childhood, Jamie Saloff shares her thoughts on prayer and how to create simple prayer requests that get answers. Using a method she calls supercharging, you’ll quickly build your belief and increase your faith.

This quick-to-read book is non-denominational. Regardless of how you refer to God or the Divine, this how-to-pray book will provide valuable insights into the power of prayer and the law of attraction.

MM Front Med Shadow 2019


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