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This title has been replaced with Stop Getting Sick – Start Living Well
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What if your body ached to lead you to a better life?

Your body provides unmistakable feedback about your life situations. Maybe it’s those tell-tale migraines that occur due to family stress, digestive upset experienced from working in an emotionally-toxic environment, or illness that knocks you flat when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

After nearly bleeding to death at twenty-four, diagnosed with cancer at twenty-five, giving premature birth at twenty-six, author, Jamie Saloff, found her life heading toward a quick end. Afflicted with a host of miscellaneous ailments that just kept coming, including Hodgkins, breast cancer, a near-death experience, and a coma, Jamie desperately sought healing from many traditional and alternative sources, but nothing changed.

Not finding any solutions that actually worked, she eventually created her own simple-to-use process, the Body Messenger Method.™ It was then her life began to change in marvelous ways—and yours can too.

Transformational Healing teaches you how to turn your body’s symptomatic messages into life-changing solutions. Its easy-to-follow directions will take you step-by-step from dis-ease to the marvelous YOU you were meant to be.

• You’ll learn how to interpret your aches and pains and use them as a means of direction.

• You’ll be shown how to hear your heart's intuitive messages and bring your deepest desires into reality.

• You’ll discover how to recognize the guidance all around you pointing the way for your best life.

• You’ll understand why your ancestral bloodlines are so important.

• You’ll see how, by taking small steps forward, your life will begin to transform and evolve in wonderful, beautiful, and miraculous ways.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or condition, DO NOT buy this book. Transformational Healing is not about healing any one particular condition. It's a spiritually-awakening journey designed to transform your life as a whole so you can live a happier, healthier, more purposeful and intuitively-guided life.
Life transformed means that whatever your heart has been nagging at you to do—potentially for years—is not only totally possible but is likely just the first step forward in a chain of events that will take your life further than you ever could imagine.
What are you waiting for? Start transforming today.


What Others Are Saying:

"I have just finished your book and I think it is one of the best books on healing and spirit I have read in years. I have a wide background in alternative healing techniques / hands-on healing / feng shui / nutrition, etc., etc. Your 'body songs' have given me a new outlook... Thank you. "  --Janice Kyd

"Beyond Carolyn Myss and Louise Hay, this work shares everything you need to know, from the deepest of all places, whether you believe your malady be of a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual nature or all of the above."  --Tom Bird, Call of the Writer's Craft

TransHealingDLX 72web

"Don't let the seemingly simple exercises and easy-to-implement programs fool you. This book is packed with power! Saloff's uncomplicated approach, backed by her own experience, shows you how self-healing can be mastered by anyone."  --Dr. Nell M. Rodgers, DC MN, Puppet or Puppeteer

"A refreshing and unique way to look at illness and healing. I would recommend Transformational Healing to anyone, not just those who are sick."  --Joseph Korn, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment

“Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) teaches us that a new awareness can be as subtle as the wings of a moth. After reading her story and experiencing Jamie’s material, I will never again ignore the wellspring symphony within my body (symptoms, synchronicities, perceptions, associations). For whether my body honors me with a comedic, tragic, or joyous expression, I now know it is a linchpin of wisdom and it is singing to me, for me.”  --Sunday Larson, “To Free Your Fearless Voice" workshops