Pamela S. Thibodeaux, "Inspirational with an Edge!"™

Thibodeaux duo promo imgA few months ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with Pamela S. Thibodeaux. Like me, she's an author, though she writes fiction she refers to as “Inspirational with an Edge! ™ In December, I read her sweet, near-death (nde) story, Keri's Christmas Wish. In it, hero Jeremey uses energy healing and faith to help save Keri's life. After reading, I asked Pamela to stop by my blog and tell us a little more about herself and her books. 

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Who do you call for flowers when your florist dies?

Or What I Learned from Kerry Kennedy

I remember receiving the call and hearing the words that “Kerry was gone” and thinking, “Gone where? Where did he go?” Then realizing that his sister wouldn’t be calling me so early in the morning if Kerry had simply gone on a vacation.

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Blessings Hidden in a Book

I grew up wondering about the sister I never knew. (She was hit by a car at age nine and killed three years before I was born.) My parents didn't talk about her and the few photos they had were kept hidden in a drawer.

I had a weird week where things were "thrown" at me, falling off of shelves for no reason. I don't know if that's related to this, but it was quite clear someone on the other side wanted to get a message to me. 

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Welcome to My Randomness

In my younger days, I kept a journal where I wrote letters addressed to nobody. Sometimes I would address them in the name of a boyfriend. Sometimes I would use the name of a stuffed animal of mine (Aldanr). This section of my blog is like those letters.

I wanted to write about all I've been doing in my life since breast cancer. Marketing geniuses tell us that when we blog, we should stick to one topic. The problem is my life is full of randomness and nothing is consistent other than daily hygiene, eating, and sleeping. (And eating and sleeping aren't all that consistent either.) 

Here's what I know for sure.

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